2028 Suneung Exams to Exclude Advanced Mathematics, Korean Dailies Report

Seoul - In a significant shift in South Korea's education policy, major newspapers in the country reported on December 23 that the 2028 Suneung, the national college entrance examination, will exclude 'intensified math', a higher level of mathematics previously included in the test. According to Kyunghyang Shinmun, a leading Korean-language daily, the decision aims to scale down the mathematics section of Suneung to the level of questions typically designed for liberal arts students, as confirmed by Kookmin Daily.

U.S.-China Semiconductor Tensions Escalate

According to Yonhap News Agency, the United States has imposed restrictions on Chinese low specification semiconductors. In response, China has retaliated by leveraging its control over rare earth materials, essential in various high-tech industries. This development marks a significant escalation in the ongoing tech war between the two superpowers.

South Korea's Ruling Party Leadership Undergoes Generational Change

The Segye Times and Hankook Ilbo have reported a potential generational shift in the leadership of South Korea's ruling party. This change could see figures like Han Dong-hoon playing more central roles, moving away from the established '86 generation' of the Democratic Party. JoongAng Ilbo suggests that Han's team's success in this political transformation will depend on its ability to differentiate itself from President Yoon's administration.

Job Market Woes for South Korean Jobseekers

Chosun Ilbo's front-page story highlights the struggles of jobseekers in South Korea, who continue to face hardships, particularly in the early mornings amidst biting winds. The report paints a grim picture of the job market, with many leaving empty-handed after their job hunting efforts.

Case of Fisherman Wrongfully Accused of Espionage Brought to Light

An intriguing story from Hankyoreh delves into the writing of a fisherman who was wrongfully accused of espionage. This narrative brings to light issues of legal injustice and the personal struggles of those wrongfully accused in the country.

MBK Partners' Failed Acquisition of Hankook and Company

Lastly, Korea Economic Daily reports on the failed public purchase attempt by MBK Partners of Hankook and Company, indicating a significant development in the South Korean business sector.

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