The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the opening ceremony of the 8th Global Green Growth Supporters in the Reception Hall on the 18th floor at 10: 00-12: 00, April 7, 2010, and started the Green Growth Supporters Camp for two nights and three nights.

? 'Global Green Growth Supporters' consists of domestic college students who are interested in the field of environment. It started in 2012 and it is the eighth time this year. This year, 51 students from 17 teams are supporters Was appointed.

? The Global Green Growth Supporters Project will provide students who will lead the next generation green growth with an interest in environmental issues that are emerging in the international society, promote our climate change and environmental policies, notify the need for environmental diplomacy, It is a project that aims to support the accumulation of experience and knowledge.

? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the 8th Green Growth Supporters Camp will provide students with an introduction to foreign affairs and international environmental issues, lectures on international environmental cooperation, renewable energy and climate change agreements, introducing eco-friendly companies, Will increase understanding of green growth.

? 8 Supporters will receive a diploma diploma certificate after completing activities such as submitting contributions by team related to green growth and climate change, making research report, participating in lectures on green growth and climate change, and producing videos related to environmental issues.

? At the end of all activities, the two teams selected for excellence will be offered one month internship in international organizations or the privilege of participating in international conferences on climate change and environment.

? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is planning to actively support university students who are interested in issues such as green growth and climate change so that they can gain knowledge and experience on major international environmental issues and become a next generation environmental expert.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs