The National Election Commission (NEC) of the Republic of Korea held a ceremony for the 8th Voters Day at the Gwacheon City Hall on May 10.

The NEC was celebrating the anniversary of the first democratic elections held in Korea on May 10, 1948 and it was possible to share the meaning of this day together with the 8th Voter's Day.

The ceremony was attended by 370 participants including NEC officials and stakeholders such as Kwon Soon-il, Chairperson of the NEC, members of the Election Advisory Committee and experts and families in election cultural development, as well as voters from various backgrounds including disabled voters, voters from multicultural families and future voters such as middle and high school students.

In his opening address, NEC Chairperson Mr. Kwon said that 'the Republic of Korea has grown to become a free and just nation by participating and working together, and we will continue to strive for a better Korea in which all people can live prosperously. I hope that today will be a meaningful time to recall the responsibilities and duties given to us, remembering the efforts and sacrifices of many people for the development of democracy in Korea.

Source: National Election Commission