About Us

We are the passionate individuals behind the Korea News Gazette, which has succeeded to become the integral part of the international media. All the teams behind this news website have one single mission and it is to crusade for the norms of journalism to be followed in the news industry and that is what only fewer online news websites are famous for. The more news websites strive to make the news industry commercialized, the more it makes them away to follow the basic teachings of journalism, and that strategy eventually compels them to opt for wrong approaches to get high ratings. We understand the importance of leveraging the latest technologies in the news industry and that is why we have come up with a much advanced archiving system that has made our readers’ lives easy to find out any backdated news easily.

Publishing the fake news is the sign of debacle for any online news website, and to protect the website from it, there is only one solution and it is to keep checking the credibility of news sources. The more any online news website remains free from being biased for or against any specific group or community, the more it makes the website to be protected from being questioned for its credibility. This is what the team behind our website does and for doing that perfectly, the team considers it as its biggest responsibility.

Journalism is all about accepting the responsibility for the masses, and once any news website comes up with that sort of strategy, so it tries to help the masses in almost every field. The Korea News Gazette has the same strategy and one of its examples, is our efforts to support and encourage small businesses to become the famous brands all across the world. Many local businesses have successfully captured the international markets and that is because the right direction which has been shown to them to follow by the Korea News Gazette and that is none other than Korea Press Release Services.

Social media is what on which we depend a lot when it comes to gather the feedbacks of our news readers. We understand that the methods of working in the field of journalism have changed since the arrival of different social media platforms and now any news website cannot help staying much active on social media sites in order to let people understand that it values its readers. The readers of our news website use our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds on regular basis.