Asiana Airlines Initiates Passenger Weighing on International Flights at Gimpo Airport

SEOUL – Asiana Airlines Inc., South Korea's second-largest airline, has announced its plan to weigh passengers on international flights. This initiative is set to begin on Monday and aims to accurately calculate the standard passenger weight.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the weighing process will occur at Gimpo International Airport in western Seoul and is scheduled to continue through the end of the month. Passengers boarding international flights will be asked to step onto a scale, dressed in their full attire and carrying their hand luggage. Participation in this process is voluntary, allowing passengers the option to opt out.

The primary purpose of calculating the standard passenger weight is to distribute the aircraft's weight effectively and to enhance operational safety. Additionally, this data is crucial for airlines to determine the necessary amount of additional fuel to be carried on flights. Typically, airplanes load about 1 percent more fuel than what is deemed necessary.

Asiana Airlines previously conducted similar weight measurements in December, focusing on approximately 5,000 passengers on domestic flights. Korean Air Lines Co., another major airline, also undertook a passenger weighing initiative in August of the previous year. The adoption of these measures reflects the aviation industry's efforts to improve flight safety and efficiency through precise weight calculations.

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