Azer Turk Bank gives an opportunity to participate in its training program within the framework of cooperation agreement with the State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan March 17.

The bank has prepared a training program specially designed for young volunteers who worked in the "Asan xidmet" (Asan service) centers within the framework of voluntary "ASAN School".

This program allows participating in various trainings related to banking and gives an opportunity to successfully pass an exam for having internship in Azer Turk Bank.

The experience gained in the Bank will be important for further career growth of volunteers within "ASAN School" and its "ASAN Kadr" career center.

Carrying this program, Azer Turk Bank, which 75 percent is owned by the Azerbaijani state, aims to ensure proper management of corporate social responsibility and provide necessary support to young specialists of the country.

Source: TREND