Under Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan (GMAP), the government’s pro-export, pro-jobs plan, new markets around the world have been opened for New Brunswick exports. These historic trade achievements will benefit hard-working Canadians in New Brunswick and throughout Canada.

In just one year, the government has delivered on its GMAP commitment to eliminate tariffs and support Canadian companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and to boost exports, including through:

  • the conclusion of negotiations and release of the complete text of the historic Canada-European Union trade agreement. The agreement will eliminate tariffs on virtually all of New Brunswick’s exports. On the first day of the agreement’s coming into force, 96 percent of tariffs on fish and seafood products and 99 percent of tariffs on manufactured products will be duty-free, making New Brunswick’s world-class goods more competitive and creating the conditions needed to increase sales to the EU market and its 500 million consumers.
  • the conclusion of Canada’s first free trade agreement in Asia with the landmark Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA), will come into force on January 1, 2015. New Brunswick will see tremendous opportunities for export growth, given the complete elimination of South Korean duties on many Canadian products. For example, Canadian fish and seafood exports to South Korea face tariffs of up to 47 percent. As of January 1, tariffs on all fish and seafood products will be eliminated, including for key products of interest to New Brunswick such as lobster and eels.

Historic trade agreements require historic trade promotion, and under GMAP the Harper government is supporting workers and businesses in New Brunswick and ensuring that SMEs have all the necessary tools to seize new opportunities and realize their full export potential.

Key elements of the trade promotion efforts include:

Go Global Export Workshops

Over the next several months, the Honourable Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade, is holding workshops across Canada in collaboration with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters and all the Government of Canada’s export support agencies. Under GMAP, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service, Export Development Canada, the Business Development Bank of Canada and the Canadian Commercial Corporation have been aligning their activities, facilitating referrals, sharing market intelligence and information, and providing a whole-of-government approach to boost SME exports. Over 300 SMEs participated in Go Global workshops in 2014.

Minister Fast will be hosting a Go Global workshop in Moncton on February 20, 2015.

Regional Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) Activities

Since the start of 2014, the TCS’s Atlantic Regional Office, based in Halifax, has contacted 299 SMEs to assist them with their export endeavours, as well as to connect them with TCS offices overseas, providing 436 targeted services to help these SMEs succeed in global markets.

Trade commissioners have been embedded with public and private sector partners across Canada, including in New Brunswick with the Association of Seafood Producers and with Industry Canada in Moncton, so they can work closely with businesses to ensure the Government of Canada is responsive to their needs.

Export Development Canada (EDC)

EDC helped 123 New Brunswick companies finance or insure $1.32billion worth of international sales and investments. For example, EDC has worked with and provided financing to Cooke Aquaculture, a Blacks Harbour–based company that processes and sells salmon, sea bass and sea bream through its subsidiaries and now ranks in the top five companies in the world in the industry. EDC has also provided accounts receivable insurance and foreign exchange risk management to help Innovatia Inc., a knowledge management consulting firm, succeed internationally.

A strong performance from the forestry sector will help propel New Brunswick’s export shipments to a healthy 7-percent growth rate next year, following a modest 3-percent increase in 2014, predicts EDC in its latest global forecast.

Attracting Job-Creating Investments in New Brunswick

Significant investments were made in New Brunswick in 2014 that created jobs and opportunities for Canadians. For example, Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS), based in Ohio and the world’s largest manufacturer of corrugated high-density polyethylene pipe, established a new product distribution centre in Moncton that will employ up to five people. ADS’s new facility services customers in New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

Through the Invest Canada – Community Initiatives program, the Government of Canada provided $100,000 to Enterprise Saint John, a New Brunswick community organization.

As part of GMAP, the government attracts investment to Canada, benefiting hard-working Canadians and their families. In the 2013-14 fiscal year, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) worked with provincial, territorial and municipal investment partners to facilitate 146 successful investment projects worth $3.65 billion and create over 5,500 new jobs within Canada.

Opening Markets and Supporting New Brunswick Businesses Abroad

In 2014, Minister Fast led 13 trade missions to 20 countries, including one to the United Kingdom in September during which he was joined by representatives of three New Brunswick companies: Steeves Maples, True North Salmon Company and Westmorland Fisheries Ltd. Trade missions connect Canadian businesses, especially SMEs, with new opportunities to boost their exports, which creates jobs, growth and prosperity across all regions of Canada, including New Brunswick.

In May, Minister Fast led the Canadian delegation at the Seafood Expo Global 2014 in Brussels, Belgium, to promote fish and seafood exports. He was joined by representatives of five New Brunswick companies, including Breviro Caviar Inc., Connors Bros. Ltd., Orion Seafood International Inc., Partner Seafood Inc. and Produits Belle Baie Ltee, as well as of the province’s Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries. 

Innovative companies from New Brunswick can also count on the support of the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) program. Three companies from New Brunswick have participated in CTA programs in 2014: Atlantic Hydrogen Inc. participated in the Virtual Cleantech CTA, IPSNP Computing Inc. participated in the Boston CTA, and Populus Global Solutions Inc. participated in the United Kingdom CTA.

Minister Fast encouraged New Brunswick-based businesses to take advantage of the Enterprise Canada Network. Provided in partnership with EDC and Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, this network provides online access to more than 30,000 business profiles and information on opportunities in the European market to help Canadian companies take full advantage of the historic Canada-EU trade agreement.

Under GMAP, the Harper government committed to developing comprehensive strategies in key sectors. Strategies released this year that support Manitoba businesses include the International Education, the Extractive Sector and the Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, and an export-oriented Defence Procurement Strategy.

Minister Fast invited businesses in New Brunswick to accompany him on his first trade mission of 2015. This trade mission to South Korea, which will take place from February 8 to 13, will enable businesses to take full advantage of the Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement and benefit from on-the-ground support from the Government of Canada.


“This year, 2014, has been the most successful year for international trade in Canadian history, benefiting hard-working Canadians in New Brunswick and in every region of the country. Under Canada’s Global Markets Action Plan, we will continue our vigorous trade promotion efforts to boost our exports.

“In 2015, we will continue to focus on the real priorities of hard-working Canadians: creating new jobs and prosperity.”

– Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade

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Quotes from New Brunswick Stakeholders

Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

“This is a big accomplishment for Canada and for the New Brunswick fishing industry in particular. We expect to see great economic benefits resulting from this agreement from the day it is implemented.”

– Doris Losier, Director, Cape Bald Packers

“The fish and seafood industry forms a critical component of New Brunswick’s economy, which is precisely why we favour a trade agreement with the European Union. This agreement will enhance the competitiveness of companies like Shediac Lobster Shop in Europe, translating into increased exports and bringing with it the potential to benefit New Brunswick workers through both jobs and higher wages.”

– Daniel Belliveau, Vice President of Marketing/Sales, Shediac Lobster Shop Ltd.

“The significant benefits that this agreement will bring to New Brunswick and the seafood industry in particular are important to the continued growth of Westmorland Fisheries. Our company employs over 300 production staff, and having access to the world’s largest fish and seafood market could give us the potential to increase production and create more jobs. We support the government’s continued focus of opening markets and providing us with tariff-free access to those markets.”

– Russel Jacob, Owner and President, Westmorland Fisheries Ltd.

“In a time when the forest sector is seeking to diversify its markets, it’s only natural to look across the pond to the U.K. and the EU. They have been Atlantic Canada’s natural trading partners for the better part of two centuries. Concluding a deal to open trade with Europe is good for business for New Brunswick.”

– Mark L. Arsenault, former president and CEO, New Brunswick Forest Products Association

Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) Program

“The Canadian Technology Accelerator is an excellent program, well organized, great speakers and the investors connect opportunities were exactly what we needed.”

– David Wagner, President and CEO of Atlantic Hydrogen Inc.