BTS’ J-Hope Announces New Album and DocumentaryJeju Island Sees Over 170 Flight Cancellations Due to Adverse Weather Conditions

SEOUL — BTS' J-Hope is set to release a new album and a documentary next month, exploring the world of street dance, announced BigHit Music on Monday. The special album, titled "Hope On the Street VOL.1," will feature six tracks and is scheduled for release on March 29.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the album will be accompanied by a documentary of the same name, offering insights into J-Hope's journey and his connection to street dance. The documentary, which precedes the album launch by a day, will showcase J-Hope's visits to Osaka, Paris, New York, and his hometown of Gwangju to engage with local street dancers. The six-part series is set to premiere on March 28 on streaming platforms Tving and Prime Video, with episodes releasing every Thursday and Friday.

SEOUL — More than 170 domestic flights to and from Jeju Island were canceled on Monday, according to the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC).

According to Yonhap News Agency, The cancellations were attributed primarily to poor weather conditions, impacting air travel to the southern resort destination. An advisory regarding low-level clouds at Jeju International Airport, combined with adverse weather at Wonju and Gunsan airports and a security concern involving a suspected bomb at Gwangju airport, led to the disruptions. The Jeju airport also reported delays affecting 138 domestic flights and eight international flights.

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