Busan Announces Plans to Open K-pop Specialized High School in 2028

SEOUL: Busan, the southeastern port city of South Korea, is set to open a high school dedicated to K-pop and performance education, marking a significant development in specialized arts education in the region. The announcement was made by the city's education authorities on Sunday.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the plan involves transforming a soon-to-be-closed middle school into a specialized public high school. The target is to inaugurate this institution in March 2028. This school will be the first public institution in Busan, located 320 kilometers southeast of Seoul, to offer dedicated K-pop courses.

The high school will be open to students from across the country and also to international students, reflecting the global appeal of K-pop. The curriculum is planned to encompass various aspects of performing arts, including lessons on vocals, dance, and instruments, as well as other artistic disciplines.

This initiative is in response to the burgeoning K-pop industry and aims to provide specialized courses tailored to the needs of this rapidly growing field. South Korea is known for its major entertainment agencies that operate the K-pop idol trainee system. This system is renowned for its intense, boot camp-like training and a systematic process designed to debut new artists.

The establishment of this K-pop specialized high school in Busan underscores the city's commitment to nurturing talent in line with the global influence of the K-pop industry.

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