SEOUL– A Chinese delegation will visit South Korea next week to explain the outcome of its recent party congress, the Chinese Embassy in Seoul said Wednesday.

The delegation led by He Yiting, executive vice president of the Communist Party’s top education institute, will arrive in Seoul on Tuesday for a three-day stay, according to the embassy.

The delegation’s trip to Seoul is intended to share the outcome of the 19th party congress. Exactly who it will meet here has yet to be confirmed.

China wrapped up its weeklong 19th party congress last month, in which President Xi Jinping cemented his power as he entered his second five-year term.

Last month, South Korea and China agreed to mend bilateral ties strained by a prolonged feud over the deployment of a U.S. anti-missile system called THAAD in South Korea.

Earlier, China announced that Xi will send Song Tao, the head of the international department at the Central Committee of the Communist Party, to North Korea later this week as a special envoy to exchange opinions about “issues of mutual concern, including party-to-party matters and bilateral ties, along with the party congress.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency