Minister of Telecommunications, Mohammad Choucair, on Tuesday received Armenian ambassador to Lebanon, Vahagn Atabekian, South Korean Ambassador, Jungly Chua, and Tunisian Ambassador, Karim Boudali, with who he broached the best means to bolster bilateral relations at the economic level.

During his meeting with the Armenian diplomat, the Minister stressed the need to consolidate economic relations with Armenia and to increase trade and joint investment.

During his meeting with the South Korean Ambassador, he explained the progress made in the modernization of the telecommunications sector in Lebanon, evoking the possibility for Lebanon to benefit from the expertise of Korea in this field.

During his meeting with the Tunisian ambassador, Choucair noted that economic relations must be activated, outlining the government's plans for the economic recovery in Lebanon and the implementation of CEDRE projects.

The Tunisian diplomat welcomed the plans being considered by the Lebanese government, noting that Tunisia is still standing alongside Lebanon.