CJ Logistics Doubles Fourth Quarter Net ProfitNetmarble Reports Continued Losses in 2023 Financial Results

SEOUL — In its latest financial report, CJ Logistics Corp. announced a remarkable 101.7 percent surge in its fourth-quarter net profit, totaling 76.6 billion won ($57.7 million). The company.

According to Yonhap News Agency, also reported an operating profit of 144 billion won for the quarter, marking an increase from 112.3 billion won a year earlier. Additionally, sales witnessed a modest rise of 1.2 percent, reaching 3.06 trillion won.

The operating profit notably exceeded the average market expectations by 8.8 percent, as surveyed by Yonhap Infomax, although specific estimates for net profit were not available. This impressive quarterly performance underscores CJ Logistics' continued growth and resilience in the logistics sector.

SEOUL — Netmarble Corp. disclosed a net loss of 313.3 billion won (US$236 million) for the year 2023, continuing its streak of financial setbacks. The gaming giant revealed these figures in a recent regulatory filing, illustrating a persisting challenge in reversing its financial fortunes. Despite efforts to mitigate losses, the company reported an operating loss of 69.6 billion won for the year, showing some improvement from the previous year's loss of 108.7 billion won.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the company experienced a 6.4 percent decrease in revenue, totaling 2.5 trillion won. This decline further emphasizes the ongoing financial difficulties faced by one of the leading figures in the gaming industry, as it strives to navigate through a turbulent economic landscape.

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