Closing Prices of KOSPI 200 Stocks Show Mixed Trends

SEOUL – The closing prices of stocks listed in the KOSPI 200, South Korea's benchmark stock index, displayed mixed trends in the latest trading session. The list included companies across various sectors, with some recording gains while others experienced declines.

Notable movements in the stock prices were observed:

SSANGYONGCNE closed at 5,990 won, down 80 won.

KAL finished at 22,100 won, dropping 250 won.

LG Corp. ended at 82,200 won, decreasing by 800 won.

POSCO FUTURE M surged to 327,500 won, up 23,000 won.

Boryung declined by 210 won to close at 9,710 won.

LOTTE Fine Chem remained steady at 58,700 won.

HYUNDAI STEEL fell to 35,100 won, down by 850 won.

Shinsegae decreased by 1,700 won, ending at 169,600 won.

Nongshim closed at 410,500 won, a decline of 8,000 won.

SGBC saw an increase of 1,200 won, closing at 53,300 won.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Additional notable changes included HANKOOK TIRE and TECHNOLOGY, KOLMAR KOREA, PIAM, HANJINKAL, CHONGKUNDANG, DoubleUGames, and others, each showing various shifts in their closing stock prices. The trading session also witnessed movements in the stocks of HYOSUNG TNC, HYOSUNG ADVANCED, HANILCMT, SKBS, WooriFinancialGroup, KakaoBank, HYBE, SK ie technology, DL EandC, kakaopay, K Car, SKSQUARE, and others, reflecting the dynamic nature of the stock market.

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