Cho Young-man, the ambassador to the DPRK, pledged his credentials to President Nepal's Democratic Republic of Nepal on Thursday.

The president said that Nepal and Chosun have maintained long friendly relations, saying:

The feelings of Nepalese people's goodwill toward the Korean people are unchanging.

The Nepalese government sincerely hopes that the peaceful environment announced on the Korean Peninsula will be established and prosperity will be achieved.

In the international arenas, the Nepalese government will actively support the struggle of the Korean government and the people to guarantee the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula.

I affirm that I will strive to develop friendship between the two countries to a higher level.

I sincerely pray that the Supreme Leader Kim Jong Eun ofthe Democratic People's Republic of Korea will make a great achievement in the noble work leading to the struggle of the Korean people for the health and happiness of the DPRK and the peace, stability and development of the Korean peninsula.

Source: Korean Central News Agency