SEOUL, Nov. 29 (Yonhap) -- A Seoul court on Thursday ordered water purifier rental company Coway to pay compensation of 1 million won (US$890) each to consumers who suffered from its defective products.

The Seoul Central District Court ruled that Coway must pay the cash compensation to some of its consumers who were exposed to hazardous nickel compounds found in the company's purifiers.

They filed the damages suit after learning that powered nickel compounds were detected inside the ice storage bin of the company's water purifiers.

In 2016, Coway apologized and recalled the products after discovering that nickel compounds were found in water dispensed from three models.

At that time, the company was accused of attempting to cover up the defects for a year, though it learned the previous year that the nickel plating on ice-making components in the three defective models peeled off and ended up in water.

"Coway learned of its product defects in July 2015 but didn't take proper measures, including a recall. As a result, consumers who kept drinking the nickel-contaminated water suffered mental and physical damage," a plaintiff who identified himself only as Kang said.

Kang and other plaintiffs had demanded a per-person compensation of 2.5 million won in their lawsuit filed in July 2016.

Source: Yonhap News Agency