By Song Sang-ho

Healing and well-being have become key trends of modern lifestyles as more people choose sports to maintain good health and improve physical strength.

In the past, people just watched sports games but many are now participating in sports activities that range from walking and jogging to hiking, soccer, baseball and golf.

This also means that ordinary people are prone to sports-related injuries that were previously thought to be exclusive to athletes. As a result, rehabilitation treatment for sports injuries has become increasingly important.

Exercising is good for improving metabolism and the cardiac and pulmonary circulation system, but that also makes one vulnerable to various types of sports injuries. Before exercising, if one doesn’t stretch properly, sudden movement can strain joints and cause sports injury.

Damage to the musculoskeletal system may weaken muscle-nerve control, triggering pains and edema and limiting movements. When there are no external symptoms, including bleeding, it is difficult to diagnose the injuries, and they may recur after treatment.

That is why accurate diagnosis and treatment are very important.

Young patients in particular tend to misunderstand that the injuries will be cured when they take a rest. It is a pity that they only visit hospitals when their conditions get worse without treatment.

It is rare that sports injuries get completely cured with rest, so it is necessary to get professional sports rehabilitation treatments.

Pain caused by sports injuries can be alleviated through physical therapy and medication, but in many cases weakened muscle doesn’t recover easily.

When comparing general rehabilitation treatments and sports rehabilitation programs, the latter takes only half the time required for the former as it is tailored to sports injuries.

Sports rehabilitation therapy aims to recover patients’ muscular strength and performance and prevent further injuries in a short period of time through both rehabilitation treatment and exercise therapy.

Sports rehabilitation programs first relieve patients’ pain and then normalize the joints’ functions by strengthening the muscles. When joint working range is not fully recovered, the muscle exercise can cause further injuries.

Some clinics and hospitals have a specialized sports joint center providing comprehensive treatments. A program tailored to individual patients’ conditions is effective for musculoskeletal illness, sports injuries and chronic illness.

Skilled medical staffs have a lot of experience for accurate diagnosis of various injuries, and necessary exercises and rehabilitation.

The most important part of rehabilitation is evaluating a person’s physical condition and athletic capacity. Equipment including Biodex, MET-BRS, Leg press and extension, kybounder and treadmill are effective in evaluating the conditions of patients and their muscular strength and recovering injuries.

The treatment will be more effective when physical therapists as well as sports therapists tailor the rehabilitation program to patients’ physical condition and the types of sports.

It is a good season for outdoor activities and exercise. However, remember that the lack of warm-up before exercising, wrong postures during exercise, and excessive exercise can damage one’s health.

The writer is the president of Wellton Bone amp Joint Hospital.

SOURCE: The Korea Times