Men believe their prime dating age was 25, whereas women cited 23, a survey has found.

The findings were based on matchmaking firm Duo’s survey of 471 singles aged 20 to 39.

But men and women had different understandings of the “golden days of dating.”

Men thought of it as when they dated the most women (52. 1 percent), whereas women thought of it as when the greatest number of men asked them out (42.6 percent).

Men were 25.1 years old on average when they dated an average of 63 women. Women were 23.3 on average when they dated an average of 45 men.

The thing men regretted most of their golden days was breaking up with someone they would never be able to meet again (52.6 percent). Women said they regretted thinking that they would be able to meet other men (52.7 percent) at any time.

But the golden days of dating did not match the golden days of their lives, according to 72.6 percent of respondents.

SOURCE: The Korea Times