Decline in South Korean Students in China by 78% in Six Years

Seoul, South Korea - The number of South Korean students in China has decreased by 78 percent compared to six years ago. As of April 1 this year, 15,857 South Koreans were enrolled in Chinese educational institutions, a 6.5 percent drop from the previous year,

According to Yonhap News Agency, This significant decline, from a peak of 73,240 students in 2017, has been ongoing since 2018. South Korean students in China now represent only 12.9 percent of all South Koreans studying abroad, the lowest since 2004 when the figure was 12.6 percent. Experts attribute this trend to various factors, including China's economic slowdown, stringent COVID-19 measures, and deteriorating public sentiment towards China in South Korea. These factors have reportedly made South Korean students increasingly hesitant to choose China as their study destination.

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