The Japanese rebels announced that they had revised the newly revised "General Defense Plan" and a specific weapons procurement plan for the latter, "Medium-Term Defense Plan." Here, the Japanese rebels are attacking the republic and calling for "the greatest and most urgent threat" And that he was willing to accelerate his efforts to increase his armed forces.

8 Some "Democratic Chosun" has condemned this as an unreasonable disgrace to reveal the characteristics of the people of the island nations, the tribalism of the samurai, and the militaristic ambitions of the samurai to fulfill their desires.

Ronpyeong has been trying to get rid of the history of aggression in the past as the Japanese rebels have been tearing down the history of aggression into mobilizing toxic militarism into the society, or even "Peace Constitution" He said.

The Japanese reactionaries announced that the new "Defense Plan Approach" and "Mid-Term Defense Plan Maintenance Plan" were revised and announced by the extension Sunwoo, and Ronpung emphasized as follows.

The Japanese rebels are now throwing themselves off the deceptive hooligans of "full - strength defense" and revealing their intention to strengthen the "Self - Defense Forces" with aggressive force of aggression.

If the militaristic revival pursued by the Japanese rebels is not accompanied by the invasion of aggression, it is certain that the samurai descendants will again bear the "diary of sin" and blood of the Asian region including the Korean peninsula.

Source: Korean Central News Agency