Democratic Party Leaders to Discuss Leadership Changes Over Breakfast in Seoul

Seoul – In a crucial development within South Korea's main opposition Democratic Party (DP), current leader Lee Jae-myung announced a breakfast meeting with former leader Lee Nak-yon for Saturday. This meeting is set against the backdrop of the former leader's call for Lee Jae-myung's resignation.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the private meeting will occur at a restaurant in central Seoul. The meeting's agenda is expected to revolve around Lee Nak-yon's demand for the current DP leader to step down and support the formation of a joint interim leadership committee in preparation for the parliamentary elections scheduled for next April.

Lee Jae-myung communicated his plan to meet with Lee Nak-yon to reporters, emphasizing the need for unity and not disappointing the public. He stated, "I was able to get in touch with former leader Lee a short while ago, and it looks like we will meet tomorrow morning. We must do everything not to disappoint the people based on a principle of unity, so I had thought about paying him a visit at his home."

Lee Nak-yon, on his part, indicated a willingness to meet with the current DP leader. He recounted to reporters that he discovered a missed call from Lee Jae-myung and attempted to return it but was unable to connect. "If Chairman Lee comes to see me, I will definitely meet him. There's no reason to hide," Lee Nak-yon stated.

The significance of this meeting is heightened by Lee Nak-yon's warning that he would initiate the launch of a new party at the beginning of next year if Lee Jae-myung rejects his proposal by year-end.

As the political landscape within the Democratic Party remains dynamic, the outcome of this meeting could have far-reaching implications for the party's strategy and leadership ahead of the crucial parliamentary elections.

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