Departure order for foreigner who drove 1 meter while intoxicated unfair: commission

SEOUL-- A departure order for a foreigner who drove approximately 1 meter while under the influence of alcohol has been ruled unfair, the Central Administrative Appeals Commission (CAAC) said Tuesday.

The CAAC, under the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission, said it has repealed the immigration authorities' departure order for the foreigner, which was issued after the person was caught driving under the influence in October 2020.

The person, who was drinking with a friend at the time, was found to have moved the parked vehicle approximately 1 meter after the friend in the front passenger seat, who was in an emotional state, tried to open the door. The car was then apparently parked next to a steel structure, and the vehicle was moved to ensure the friend did not get hurt.

The car was spotted by police, and the driver was later fined and ordered to leave the country after yielding a blood alcohol concentration level of over 0.1 percent.

The CAAC ruled the person's DUI record did not constitute grounds for a forced departure and also took into consideration the person's contribution to the local community by providing jobs thorough a personal business founded in 2019.

Source: Yonhap News Agency