The Polish economy has remained unhurt and achieved relatively higher growth, despite the global economic and ensuing eurozone crises.

Its strong performance has prompted several international financial institutions to present an optimistic outlook for the Central European country.

The International Monetary Fund projected that Poland will grow at an average 35 percent annually between 2015 and 2019.

It noted the average rate for the EU is at 18 percent.

“This means that Poland will keep its position as a growth leader in the coming years,” Ambassador Krzysztof Majka said during a reception for the country’s National Day on May 14 at the Millennium Hilton Seoul.

“All those factors together make Poland one of the European front-runners, a credible and important business partner and an attractive place to visit. ”

Poland is rising as one of the most attractive investment destinations. The value of foreign direct investment in the country marked merely $109 million in 1990. It has increased 2,500 times since, marking $250 billion.

Poland is one of Korea’s largest trading partners in the EU.

The Central European country celebrates the National Day on May 3 to commemorate the first modern constitution in Europe which was adopted by the Polish parliament in 1791.

Foreign diplomats, Korean government officials and business leaders attended the reception.

SOURCE: The Korea Times