Join the degree-seeking program for international students atEwha! Ewha offers various scholarship opportunities including fulltuition and on-campus dormitory fees, plus stipend.

Application period: April 6 (Monday) – May 1 (Friday), 2015

Result notification: June 26 (Friday)

Programs: Undergraduate freshmen, undergraduate transfer, graduateprograms (master’s, doctorate, combined master’s and doctorate)

¦ Ewha provides a wide range of studies that includes 69 majors in12 colleges.

¦ 100% English-taught majors: international and Korean studies

¦ More than 50% English-taught majors: English language and literature,business and economics

¦ Other popular majors: Korean language and literature, communications(journalism, aertising amp PR, and film majors), arts and design

¦ Eligibility: Foreign female students with TOPIK score or Englishtest scores

¦ TOPIK Level 3 (undergraduate), TOPIK Level 4 (undergraduatetransfer and graduate programs)

¦ TOEFL (PBT 550, iBT 80), IELTS 55, TEPS 550

Please refer to our admission guide at http:enterewhaac.krIf you have more questions, please inquire at isadmit@ewhaac. kr

SOURCE: The Korea Times