CAMP VICENTE LIM, Laguna, Philippines A former police officer and a Korean were arrested for extortion and illegal possession of firearms in Silang, Cavite last Friday.

Former policeman Ricky Sese and Korean Doyeon Lee were collared in a sting in Barangay Langka by members of the municipal police, according to Cavite police director Senior Superintendent Eliseo Cruz.

The charges against the suspects were based on a complaint filed by three Koreans, identified as Lee Seungmin, Son Kangkuk and Chun Jinil.

Cruz said Lee’s and Sese’s modus involved pimping Filipina girls to Korean men. After the girl had sex with the Korean, Sese, posing as the girl’s father, would threaten to file charges against the victim.

Lee would pretend to help his compatriots settle the case in exchange for money.

Cruz said Sese would contact a police officer whom he would promise a share in the money that they would collect from the Korean.

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The complainants sought the help of the local police, which set up an entrapment against Sese and Lee.

Seized from the suspects were two identification cards supposedly issued by the National Bureau of Investigation and the Philippine National Police and a 9mm pistol.