Fifty Fifty’s Keena returns to label, ending contract dispute


SEOUL, Keena of rookie girl group Fifty Fifty has returned to her label, becoming the only member of the quartet to end a legal dispute against the company over their exclusive contracts, according to music industry sources Tuesday.

Keena told Attrakt CEO Jeon Hong-jun on Monday that she had decided to drop the legal dispute against the K-pop label, the sources said.

The move came about two months after a local court denied the group's injunction request to suspend its exclusive contracts with the agency. The group then challenged the ruling, but Keena withdrew her appeal Monday.

The group has suspended its activities since June, when it sought the injunction, claiming the company had violated the terms of its contract.

The previously obscure rookie group skyrocketed to global fame when its latest single, "Cupid," charted high on the competitive Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart for weeks earlier this year.

Jeon also confirmed the information, saying, "I talked (to Keena) in person."

He said the member has decided to take time for reflection for now. "We will talk about what happened in the meantime," he added.

The reason for her sudden return is unknown.

Some industry insiders suspect that the limited opportunities she had as the oldest member of the group may have affected her decision. Keena, born in 2002, is two years older than the three other members -- Saena, Aran and Sio, who were all born in 2004.

With Keena's departure, the ongoing contract dispute is going to take a turn.

The three other members reportedly have no intention to end the legal battle as of now. They have continued to share their claims through Instagram.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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