Fire Contained at POSCO’s Pohang Steelworks; Operations Partially Halted

Pohang - A fire erupted at POSCO's Pohang Steelworks early Saturday, leading to a partial suspension of operations before it was successfully extinguished, officials reported. The blaze, which started around 7 a.m. near a blast furnace, occurred at the facility located 262 kilometers southeast of Seoul. South Korea's top steelmaker and local firefighting authorities confirmed that there were no casualties resulting from the incident.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the initial assumption was that the fire originated from a spark caused by gas leakage from a damaged pipe within the facility. However, further investigation revealed that the cause was a damaged oxygen pipe valve. The fire led to a blackout, necessitating the temporary halt of several mills at the steelworks.

POSCO officials stated that power generation was resumed after firefighters extinguished the blaze, which took approximately 2 hours and 10 minutes to contain. Despite the incident, the company expects no significant impact on its overall operations. Additionally, the blackout triggered an automatic diffusion of by-product gases as a safety measure to prevent the potential buildup of gas that could lead to an explosion.

This safety process caused the release of black smoke through chimneys, which was mistaken by some nearby residents for the fire itself. A POSCO official explained the necessity of the diffusion work, clarifying that it is a preventive measure against dangerous situations such as explosions within the plant. From the outside, the diffusion process can give the appearance of a larger fire, but the official assured that the incident was not as severe as it might have seemed.

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