The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), will hold the Second Inter-Regional Conference on Cyber/ICT Security in Seoul (Chosun Hotel) from May 1 to 2.

The upcoming conference will address various topics, including inter-regional cooperation on cybersecurity; responsible state behavior in cyberspace; the protection of critical infrastructure; and efforts to develop international cybersecurity norms. The conference will be attended by about 150 people, including officials from governments and international organizations in Europe and Asia, as well as academics and people from industries at home and abroad.

The forthcoming conference, which marks the second one to be held between the OSCE and Asia in the cybersecurity area following the first in 2017, is expected to serve as an opportunity to strengthen cybersecurity cooperation between Europe and Asia, and to establish networks among experts from the public and private sectors, as cyber attacks are evolving and advancing with the use of cutting-edge ICT technologies.

In addition, as the OSCE is leading regional cooperation in the area of cybersecurity, the upcoming conference is expected to contribute to sharing its experience in regional cooperation, and exploring ways to deepen cooperation between the OSCE and Asia.

In his opening remarks on May 1, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Lee Tae-ho will speak about the need for cooperation between Europe and Asia to respond to cyber attacks, which have emerged as a serious challenge threatening national security, and stress the importance of the establishment of international norms and confidence-building measures.

He will also explain the Republic of Korea's efforts to respond to cybersecurity threats, including the announcement of the ROK's national cybersecurity strategy in April 2019, and support for capacity building in developing countries.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs