Former Aide to South Korean Opposition Leader Sentenced in Development Corruption Scandal

Seoul - A former aide to opposition leader Lee Jae-myung, Kim Yong, received a five-year prison sentence on charges of bribery and illegal political fund involvement in a major development corruption scandal. Kim, a former deputy head of the Democratic Party's Institute for Democracy think tank, was indicted for accepting illegal funds in 2021 from a real estate developer central to the controversial Daejang-dong apartment complex project in Seongnam.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Additionally, he was found guilty of taking bribes totaling 190 million won from Yoo Dong-gyu, a former Seongnam city development official, in exchange for business favors. The Seoul Central District Court, while finding Kim guilty of receiving 600 million won in illegal funds and 70 million won in bribes, fined him 70 million won and ordered the forfeiture of 670 million won. Prosecutors had sought a 12-year sentence. Kim was taken into custody immediately, with concerns over potential evidence tampering. The court's decision, the first in this scandal, may adversely affect the ongoing trial of Lee Jae-myung, chair of the Democratic Party and former Seongnam mayor, implicated in the same scandal. Additionally, the court sentenced the private developer Nam Wook to eight months in prison and acquitted Yoo Dong-gyu, both connected to the scandal.

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