Kim Jong Eun, a top leader in Korea, presented this year 's emphasis on human resource development and science and technology development as an important task to further strengthen the power of the socialist independent economy.

The educators of Joseon, who carved the passages of the New Year 's passages in their hearts, were overflowing with enthusiasm for greater achievement in the education business,

Park Yoon-sam, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Rice, said that the science and technology development and talent upbringing business is a patriotic business of the past ten thousand years that continues the prosperity of the revolution.

The strength of self-regeneration, which our party has consistently emphasized in socialist construction, is based on a solid foundation of science education.

I will always try to make sure that science and education are the basis of national construction and an important index to determine national power, and I will do my best to achieve good educational achievement in the new year as well as the education workers who have guarded the archetype of educating scientists.

Jung Gwangcheon, Vice Chancellor of Gimcheon Industrial University, emphasized that the position and mission of the university is very important in pursuing the strategic vision of our party on the construction of a science and technology powerhouse and a talent powerhouse.

We will improve the quality of college education by innovating teaching contents and methods in accordance with the global educational development trend and educational needs.

It is a creative talent with a high level of inquiry ability and application ability to improve the qualities and the new teaching method in the teachers and to improve the educational conditions and the environment in order to struggle devotedly for the prosperity of the fatherland. I will prepare myself with true scientists.

Source: Korean Central News Agency