G-Dragon to Voluntarily Appear Before Incheon Police for Drug Investigation

SEOUL — K-pop artist G-Dragon, a member of the boy group BIGBANG, reiterated his denial of drug use allegations on Monday and announced his intent to voluntarily cooperate with police in their investigation of the case.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Kim Soo-hyun, G-Dragon has appointed legal representation and submitted a letter of intent earlier in the day to the drug crime investigation division of the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency, located about 30 kilometers west of Seoul. In the letter, the singer expressed his wish to actively collaborate with the investigation and emphatically denied claims that he had used illegal narcotics.

Kim stated that G-Dragon "has informed the police that he will voluntarily submit all materials necessary for the investigation and actively participate in hair and urine sample tests in order to resolve his grievances as soon as possible." The singer is in the process of coordinating his schedule to make a voluntary appearance for the investigation.

Police initiated the investigation after booking the 35-year-old artist last Wednesday on charges related to breaching the Narcotics Control Act. A travel ban was imposed on him two days later. G-Dragon has consistently denied the allegations and pledged to cooperate with the investigation.

This is not the first time G-Dragon has faced such suspicions. In 2011, he was investigated after admitting to smoking marijuana, although he claimed to be unaware that he had consumed an illegal substance. Prosecutors subsequently dropped the case.

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