‘Gentleman’ presents Ju Ji-hoon’s style of action comedy

SEOUL– Korean actor Ju Ji-hoon will appear as a fearless private detective disguised as a prosecutor chasing crime cases masterminded by upper-class villains in the upcoming crime-comedy flick “Gentleman”.

Directed by Kim Kyung-won, the movie follows Ji Hyun-soo (played by Ju), a private detective who is falsely accused of kidnapping his client. Ji pretends to be a prosecutor to find the missing client and goes on a journey to track down bad guys by any means.

Veteran actor Park Sung-woong, who has impressed audiences with villain roles, appears as the head of a large law firm, and rookie Choi Sung-eun plays the role of a merciless prosecutor who teams up with Ji to uncover ugly truths.
Ju, best known for his roles in megahit film “Along With the Gods” (2017) and Netflix series “Kingdom” (2019), said the detective’s pursuit of power elites will present his style of action comedy.

“(‘Gentleman’) is a bit like a fantasy movie,” Ju said in a press conference held after screening the movie on Wednesday.

Ju said he had a lot of discussions with the director to naturally express the protagonist’s transformation from a detective to a self-proclaimed prosecutor.

“It is not easy to defeat powerful people, and I tried to portray (Ji) as a character not seen before,” he said.

Co-star Park said he wanted to create a villain character with unique style, using luxury fashion and settings.

“I wanted the villain character to be seen as a great wall that can’t be overcome,” Park said. “I think my defeat doubled down catharsis for viewers.”

“Gentleman” will hit local theaters on Dec. 28. It is Wavve’s first original film and will be available on the local streaming platform at a later date, with the release schedule not yet confirmed.

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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