1. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is 5.22 (water) was held the conference under the ASEAN diplomats juhyeongcheol Southern New Special Policy Committee (Presidential Economic Adviser), attended in Jakarta, state chairman and ASEAN diplomats (11) are further ? Southern New Policy Strategies , The strengthening of the ASEAN Representative's capacity and cooperation among the public, and the preparation of the first ASEAN-Korea summit and the first ASEAN-Mekong Summit.

? attending diplomats: imseongnam State ASEAN dialogue, gimchangbeom main Indonesian ambassador, Han ten thousand shares Philippine Ambassador to yiukheon main Thai Ambassador, ohnakyoung main Cambodian ambassador, Yan Ying House share Singapore's Ambassador to sinseongsun weeks Lao Ambassador to yunhyeonbong weeks Brunei Ambassador to idealize State Myanmar Ambassador , jeongwoojin main Vietnamese Ambassador's representative, gimjunpyo State deputy Malaysian Ambassador

juhyeongcheol Chairman Moon Jae-government diplomatic mission to find and introduce key importance and whilst the major achievements as foreign strategy with the new Southern policy, led to concrete and tangible results in local activities course And that the

- Order that highlight the need for inspection and overhaul a variety of policy tools to achieve the goal of the new southern policy, and strengthen the implementation of the power to work as operating in our local public institutions and businesses Council

- also have to be held in November this year - ASEAN Commemorative summit and the first one-advised to continue to Mekong summit instrument reciprocal it'sa actively cooperate with ASEAN countries to help achieve tangible results

In addition, the chairperson will hold a meeting with public organizations and business delegates in Indonesia to discuss difficulties in local business activities and discuss effective support measures for the government to encourage the entry and activities of Korean companies.

In addition, Discussed the strengthening of the capabilities and functions of the ASEAN-ROK Representative Office for the successful implementation of the new and new South Korean policies as well as the activities within each ASEAN member country and discussed ways to organically collaborate with the mission in ASEAN. The ASEAN-Korea Summit and the first ASEAN-Mekong Summit were also discussed.

2019 ASEAN-Korea Special Summit and the First Korea-Mekong Summit

(Date and Place) 2019.25.25 (Mon) -27 (Wed) / Busan-

(Schedule) ? (25th) Welcome Dinner, ? (27th) - Mekong Summit

(Main Event) - ASEAN Public Innovation Exhibition, - Korea - ASEAN Summit, - ASEAN Special Summit, General Affairs Luncheon, Joint Press Conference, (ASEAN-Korea Friendship Expo)

2. In the meantime, the ASEAN Ambassador to the Republic of Korea (Ambassador Im Seong-nam) held a newsletter for the evening delegation of the Korean Embassy in Seoul on May 22nd. Lim Jock Hoi ) Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (ASEAN), ASEAN Secretary General, Indonesian government officials, and ASEAN ambassador to major countries attended the ceremony.

Participants appreciated the fact that the Korean government is actively promoting cooperation with ASEAN based on the new and southern policies, and it was expected that the strengthening of physical and human capacity of the ASEAN Representative Office would more effectively support such efforts.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade has strengthened the physical and human infrastructure of the ASEAN-ROK Representative Office in ASEAN.

Moved to the Indonesian Embassy in January 19th (relocation of one floor of the general building)

jujaegwan 5 people)

(diplomats) personnel during the Spring '19 years chagwangeup appointed ambassador (imseongnam Vice Foreign Minister)

3. ASEAN diplomats this week meeting with ASEAN representative Government building opening ceremony will be held after the beomjeong Moon Jae-president one thousand people in November 2017 Mon. It is considered that this was a good opportunity to discuss the concrete measures at the level of the municipal government in order to further strengthen the transition force of the new southward policy which has been pursued as an amulet and to successfully carry out the new southern branch business in the ASEAN region.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs