SEOUL, Indonesian President Joko Widodo took a morning stroll with Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon along the Cheonggye Stream running through the center of Seoul on Tuesday on the last day of his three-day state visit to South Korea.

Widodo, known for liking casual settings, wanted to naturally walk and talk with Park, and the two decided to take a stroll around the stream near Widodo's hotel, city officials said. About 20 Indonesian and South Korean youths joined the walk.

Widodo and Park talked about increasing youth exchanges between the two countries, officials said.

It was the third meeting between Widodo and Park. In 2016, Widodo visited Seoul and received honorary Seoul citizenship from Park, and last year, Park visited Indonesia as a special envoy of President Moon Jae-in and delivered a letter from Moon to Widodo.

Widodo arrived in Seoul on Sunday and held summit talks with President Moon on Monday.

Source: Yonhap News Agency