Internal Conflict Erupts Within South Korea’s Democratic Party Ahead of Elections

SEOUL — Tensions within South Korea's Democratic Party (DP) have escalated as leader Lee Jae-myung avoided attending a full meeting of the party's lawmakers amid controversies over the nomination process for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Criticisms have emerged from senior members not loyal to Lee, accusing him of attempting to privatize the majority party and manipulate the nomination process to favor his supporters.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the conflict centers around the evaluation of lawmakers' performances, with allegations that Lee and his confidantes sought to sideline members critical of his leadership. This has led to increased scrutiny of the nomination committee's role and accusations of bias in the evaluation process. The situation has raised concerns about the party's unity and its prospects in the forthcoming elections.

The DP, which received significant government subsidies last year, is under pressure to resolve these internal disputes and focus on presenting a united front to voters. The party's approval ratings have reportedly fallen below those of the governing People Power Party, highlighting the potential electoral implications of the ongoing conflict. Lee's leadership approach and the party's nomination strategy remain points of contention as the elections approach.

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