ITZY Releases Eighth EP ‘Born to Be’ with Promise of Energetic Stage Performances

SEOUL: ITZY, the prominent K-pop girl group known for its dynamic stage presence, announced the release of its eighth EP, "Born to Be," vowing to continue delivering powerful performances that have become its trademark. The group expressed its commitment to energizing fans and the public with the new EP, set to be released at 6 p.m.

According to Yonhap News Agency, During a media showcase for the album, ITZY's member Yeji shared insights into the choreography for the album's lead track, describing it as intensely powerful and energetic, akin to fire. She emphasized that the choreography brings a larger scale and more vibrant energy than before. Chaeryeong echoed these sentiments, expressing her desire for the public and fans to satisfy their craving for the powerful performances expected from ITZY.

Since its debut in 2019, ITZY has been known for conveying messages of confidence and self-love. "Born to Be" takes this message a step further by encouraging girls to express themselves more freely and push beyond their boundaries. Yeji mentioned the group's effort to explore various genres and styles in the new album, including their participation in composing songs and writing lyrics, marking a significant development in their artistic journey.

The album features 10 tracks, including solo singles where all members are credited as co-writers and composers. The lead track, "Untouchable," is a dance-pop genre song blending mid-tempo EDM with intense guitar sounds. Yeji explained that the song carries a message of unstoppable confidence, while Yuna shared her personal connection with the track, finding solace and assurance in its message of overcoming challenges.

However, ITZY will be promoting the new EP and its second world tour, which begins in Seoul in February, as a four-piece group due to Lia's temporary hiatus for health reasons. Yeji conveyed Lia's supportive message, assuring her close monitoring of the album's progress. Chaeryeong affirmed that the group will deliver strong performances to compensate for Lia's absence during the tour.

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