Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon to Lead South Korea’s Ruling Party

SEOUL: The People Power Party (PPP) has announced the appointment of Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon as its interim leader. The decision, conveyed by the party's acting chief Rep. Yun Jae-ok, marks a significant shift in the party's leadership as it prepares for the upcoming general elections in April. Han, a key ally of President Yoon Suk Yeol, accepted the role of chairperson of the PPP's emergency committee.

According to Rep. Yun, Han's leadership is expected to meet public expectations for change, innovation, and future-oriented policies. Han, 50, has been a prominent figure in recent opinion polls for the party's leadership and is popular among younger and centrist voters. His appointment comes amid efforts by the PPP to rejuvenate its image and regain voter confidence following the resignation of former leader Kim Gi-hyeon. The party anticipates that Han's leadership will unify party members and appeal to conservative voters. Following a ceremonial procedure, Han is set to officially take office after the party's national committee approves his nomination. This move is seen as part of the PPP's strategy to introduce a fresh face and bolster support, particularly among younger voters and non-partisans.

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