Justice Party presidential candidate resumes campaign

The presidential candidate of the minor progressive Justice Party resumed her campaign Monday after suspending it to review her strategy amid dismal approval ratings.

Sim Sang-jeung announced her return in a press conference at the National Assembly, saying she will seek to regain the public’s trust in her and her party in the March 9 election.

Sim had halted her campaign on Wednesday and withdrawn from the public eye.

“I did not suspend my campaign simply because of my support ratings,” she said. “As I was campaigning, the hearts of citizens, with whom I and the Justice Party were supposed to hold together, felt distantly far.”

Sim said she reflected deeply on what went wrong and where she needed to change, and came to the conclusion that she was a part of the politics that created an unfair society.

“I feel infinite responsibility,” she said, noting the growing need for the Justice Party to stand up to inequality and the establishment. “No matter how hard and difficult that path is, I will not give up until the end.”

Source: Yonhap News Agency

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