K-Pop Star G-Dragon Establishes Foundation to Combat Drug Abuse

Seoul, South Korea - G-Dragon, the renowned K-pop artist, announced a donation of 300 million won (approximately US$230,000) to establish the "JusPeace Foundation." This initiative aims to combat drug abuse, an escalating issue in South Korea. The announcement was made by his agency, Galaxy Corp, on Monday. The foundation's name, "JusPeace," combines the concepts of justice and peace. This announcement follows G-Dragon's recent clearance of drug allegations.

According to Yonhap News Agency, G-Dragon was motivated by the growing number of drug-related convictions in South Korea, particularly among teenagers. He recognized the need for action, given the limited access to proper treatment for those affected. The JusPeace Foundation's initial focus will be on teenage drug addiction and broader anti-drug efforts. G-Dragon's involvement in the foundation comes after he was implicated in drug abuse allegations last December, which were recently dismissed following a police investigation.

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