Kakao Mobility Expands Ride-Hailing Service to Five Additional Countries

SEOUL - Kakao Mobility Corp., the company behind the popular ride-hailing platform Kakao T, announced its expansion into five new countries next week, marking a significant step in its global business strategy.

According to Yonhap News Agency, this expansion will increase Kakao T's presence to a total of 37 countries. Starting Thursday, the service will be available in Australia, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Kuwait. Following this expansion, Kakao Mobility also plans to launch its service in the United States next month, in collaboration with the American mobility service Lyft.

Currently, Kakao T operates in 32 countries, including Japan, various Southeast Asian nations, and several European countries. Ryu Gung-seon, CEO of Kakao Mobility, emphasized the company's ambition to become a truly global mobility service provider by developing and advancing various international business portfolios, including its overseas ride-hailing services.

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