Key Events in Korean History on December 26

Seoul, South Korea - December 26 marks several notable events in Korean history. In 1948, USSR forces completed their withdrawal from North Korea. A significant constitutional amendment in 1962 introduced rules for the presidency and established a unicameral legislature in South Korea. The Dong-A Ilbo newspaper experienced financial pressure in 1974 from Seoul's authoritative regime, leading to a seven-month advertising crisis. In 1980, a military regime established after a coup passed a law controlling media.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The ruling New Korea Party, in 1996, passed several controversial bills, including revisions to the National Security and Labor laws, in the absence of opposition parties. In 2010, a Korean Air plane evacuated South Koreans from strife-torn Libya. In 2011, a former South Korean first lady and the Hyundai Group chairwoman met with North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong-un, in Pyongyang. A groundbreaking ceremony for an inter-Korean railway and road project was held in 2018. Most recently, in 2022, five North Korean drones crossed the inter-Korean border, prompting South Korea to deploy surveillance and other operations.

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