Korea Interbank Offered Rates Posted by Yonhap Infomax

SEOUL - The Korea Interbank Offered Rates (KORIBOR) were posted by Yonhap Infomax, the financial news and information division of Yonhap News Agency, as of 11:00 a.m. These rates are a key benchmark in the South Korean financial markets, reflecting the cost of borrowing funds in the interbank market.

According to Yonhap News Agency, The rates for various terms were as follows:

For a one-week term, the rate remained steady at 3.50 percent, unchanged from the previous session.

The one-month term rate also stayed the same at 3.69 percent.

The rate for a two-month term was 3.82 percent, consistent with the previous session.

For the three-month term, KORIBOR saw a slight decrease, moving from 3.99 percent in the previous session to 3.98 percent.

The six-month term rate also experienced a minor drop, falling from 4.03 percent to 4.02 percent.

The twelve-month term rate decreased from 4.00 percent to 3.99 percent.

These rates are indicative of the short-term borrowing costs for banks and are an important indicator of liquidity and credit market conditions in the country.


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