KOSPI 200 Closing Price List for December 27, 2023

Seoul, South Korea - The KOSPI 200 index, a key barometer for the South Korean stock market, experienced varied movements in its closing prices on December 27, 2023. The list reflects significant shifts for some companies, while others remained stable or showed minor changes.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Among the notable changes, SBHC's stock price decreased by 1,600 points, closing at 24,200. TaihanElecWire, on the other hand, saw an increase of 80 points, ending the day at 9,820. Hyundai MandF INS experienced a decline, closing at 30,650, down by 400 points. Hyosung's shares dropped significantly by 6,000 points, finishing at 62,300.

LOTTE also witnessed a decrease, with its stock price closing at 27,050, down by 1,700 points. GCH Corp's shares fell by 160 points, closing at 15,850. COSMOCHEM saw an increase in its stock price, closing at 38,950, up by 1,650 points. POSCO Holdings recorded a substantial gain, with its stock price rising by 19,000 points to 492,500.

The closing prices of other notable companies included DB INSURANCE at 82,400 (down by 300), SLCORP at 34,650 (down by 800), Yuhan at 67,900 (up by 1,000), and SamsungElec at 78,000 (up by 1,400). NHIS closed at 10,210, down by 30 points.

Other significant movements were observed in SamaAlum, up by 2,700 points, GS EandC, down by 970 points, SAMSUNG SDI CO., LTD., up by 8,500 points, and KPIC, down by 1,600 points. The list also includes Ottogi, Hanmi Science, SamsungElecMech, HITEJINRO, CJ LOGISTICS, DOOSAN, DL, HANKOOK and COMPANY, KIA CORP., Daewoong, SSANGYONGCNE, KAL, LG Corp., KG Mobility, POSCO FUTURE M, LOTTE Fine Chem, HYUNDAI STEEL, Shinsegae, Nongshim, and SGBC, reflecting diverse movements in their stock prices.

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