KOSPI 200 Closing Prices Show Declines Across Various Sectors

SEOUL – The KOSPI 200, South Korea's major stock market index, saw a range of declines in its latest trading session, with various companies across different sectors experiencing drops in their closing stock prices.

Significant movements in the stock market included:

LOTTE SHOPPING closed at 76,800 won, down by 1,700 won.

SamsungEng finished at 25,000 won, a decrease of 1,050 won.

SAMSUNG CandT ended the day at 117,800 won, down 1,200 won.

PanOcean's stock price fell to 4,370 won, a decline of 60 won.

SAMSUNG CARD closed at 32,400 won, down by 300 won.

According to Yonhap News Agency, While most stocks recorded declines, a few like MS IND, HYUNDAI WIA, HANWHA AEROSPACE, and LOTTE ENERGY MATERIALS Corp showed gains. MS IND increased by 60 won to close at 19,300 won, and HYUNDAI WIA rose by 1,400 won to 60,400 won.

Other notable stock movements included declines in OCI Holdings, LS ELECTRIC, KorZinc, SamsungHvyInd, and HyundaiMipoDock. In contrast, LG Innotek and LOTTE CHEMICAL Corp experienced significant drops, while HMM, KumhoPetrochem, and SKC saw decreases in their closing prices.

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