KOSPI 200 Companies Show Varied Performance: LGCHEM Rises by 11,000 Won While SamsungFandMIns Declines by 4,000 Won

SEOUL - The KOSPI 200 index presented a mix of gains and losses in its most recent closing price list.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, closing at 492,000 won, up by 11,000 won. In contrast, SamsungFandMIns faced a decline, ending at 251,500 won, down by 4,000 won.

Kakao also saw an upward trajectory, ending the trading day at 39,600 won, up by 1,650 won. Similarly, NCsoft increased its closing price to 229,500 won, up by 4,500 won. COSMAX ended the day at 135,100 won, showing an increase of 2,700 won.

However, not all companies shared the same fate. HANALL BIOPHARMA closed at 30,600 won, down by 600 won. SamyangFood also recorded a decrease, closing at 186,200 won, down by 1,700 won. LG HandH was down by 3,500 won, closing at 385,000 won.

Other companies like HANATOUR SERVICE and POSCO INTERNATIONAL saw modest gains. HANATOUR SERVICE closed at 41,850 won, up by 150 won, and POSCO INTERNATIONAL ended at 61,900 won, up by 900 won.

In the pharmaceutical sector, Celltrion and DAEWOONG PHARM showed positive performance. Celltrion closed at 150,100 won, up by 9,500 won, while DAEWOONG PHARM ended the trading day at 101,900 won, up by 1,500 won.

The electronics sector was also active, with LGELECTRONICS closing at 105,100 won, up by 700 won. On the downside, HYUNDAIHOMESHOP closed at 40,850 won, down by 700 won, and HYUNDAI ROTEM ended at 25,750 won, down by 450 won.

Overall, the KOSPI 200 index showed a mixed performance with some companies experiencing significant gains, while others recorded declines, reflecting varied market conditions in the recent trading session.

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