Kyuhyun of Super Junior Debuts Solo EP with Antenna

Seoul: Kyuhyun, renowned as the main vocalist of the K-pop group Super Junior, has launched a solo EP, marking his first release under Antenna.

According to Yonhap News Agency, this EP signifies Kyuhyun's new musical direction since his August signing with Antenna Co., led by singer-composer Yoo Hee-yeol. Kyuhyun, who had a 17-year stint with SM Entertainment, is still represented by SM for his Super Junior activities.

The EP, titled "Restart," was released at 6 p.m. It represents a departure from Kyuhyun's previous work, featuring pop-style songs and tracks with rock elements, something the artist hasn't explored before. He noted that the album reflects collaborative inputs from the company CEO and the working group, moving away from his past musical styles.

Containing six songs, the album's lead track is a pop-rock genre number, showcasing a blend of Kyuhyun's nuanced, refreshing, and powerful vocals with a modern-rock band sound. The Korean title of this song translates to "That's Not So" in English. Other tracks include "Restart," "Slowly, Gently," "Was It Love," "Rainbow," and "You Are the Reason (Super Junior-K.R.Y.)," a special track featuring Super Junior members Ryeowook and Yesung.

Kyuhyun, who debuted with Super Junior in 2006 and launched his solo career in 2014, is known for his lyrical ballad style. His hits include "A Million Pieces" and "Blah Blah," and he has also achieved success in musical theatre and television.

The lead track of the EP, different from his previous vocal-focused songs, begins with a strong band sound and portrays complex emotions towards a past love. Kyuhyun mentioned initial disagreements with CEO Yoo over the choice of the main single, with Kyuhyun originally favoring "Was It Love." This process highlighted the importance of creating music that appeals broadly.

Discussing his transition to Antenna, Kyuhyun observed the simplified and effective communication process at the smaller agency, contrasting it with his previous experiences. CEO Yoo's direct involvement in the recording studio and swift feedback facilitated a more efficient creative process.

Kyuhyun, who identifies as a ballad enthusiast, humorously noted that he listens to carols only one day a year. He expressed his intention to continue experimenting with various music genres, aiming to balance personal preferences with broader audience appeal. Yoo has advised Kyuhyun to approach his solo career with a fresh perspective, progressively refine his skills, and aim to become a concert-worthy vocalist.

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