SEOUL, Contrary to widespread social perception, South Korea's most profitable profession belongs to the National Assembly, a report said Friday.

According to the report by the state-run Korea Employment Information Service (KEIS), members of the National Assembly surpassed all other professions in the nation in terms of annual income as of 2017.

The average annual income of lawmakers was 140 million won (US$123,230) in 2017, trailed by plastic surgeons with 136 million won, corporate executives with 130 million won, dermatologists with 120 million won, coast pilots with 120 million won and university presidents with 110 million won, the report said.

The KEIS has annually published the report on occupational information to help with job search, recruitment and career planning. The latest report covered 18,972 people engaged in 618 professions as of August 2017.

Lawmakers had previously ranked among the top income earners, but it is the first time politicians have topped the ranking.

In terms of the starting salary, lawmakers are also at the top of the list with 140 million won, followed by plastic surgeons with 120 million won, corporate executives with 85 million won and university presidents with 80 million won.

Among the lower-paid professions, poets took the bottom in the ranking of average income with a mere 10 million won, compared with lyric writers with 11 million won, part-time teachers with 15 million won, extras with 15 million won and novelists with 15.5 million won.

Meanwhile, professors ranked first in terms of job satisfaction with a score of 35.33 points, followed by ENT doctors with 34.52 points, plastic surgeons with 33.57 points, physicians with 33.37 points and dentists with 33.13 points.

Source: Yonhap news Agency