Lee Jung-hoo Brings Lessons from Legendary Father to San Francisco Giants

SEOUL - As Lee Jung-hoo steps into his new role with the San Francisco Giants, the spotlight also shines on his father, Lee Jong-beom, a revered figure in South Korean baseball history. The occasion was marked by Lee Jong-beom's presence during his son's introductory press conference at Oracle Park in San Francisco.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the 25-year-old outfielder, Lee Jung-hoo, recently signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the Giants. This follows his achievement of winning the regular season most valuable player (MVP) award last year for the Kiwoom Heroes in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). His father, Lee Jong-beom, also won an MVP award in 1994 with the Haitai Tigers, making them the first father-son duo in KBO history to each win MVP awards.

Lee Jong-beom, known as the "Son of the Wind" for his exceptional speed, holds the single-season record for steals in the KBO. His son, Lee Jung-hoo, however, admits to not being as fast as his father, jokingly commenting on the impossibility of outpacing him at the same age. In the American baseball context, Lee Jung-hoo humorously acknowledged the inherited moniker of "Grandson of the Wind."

While Lee Jong-beom was celebrated for his all-around abilities, including hitting, power, speed, and defense, Lee Jung-hoo shared that he learned more about character and personal growth from his father rather than baseball techniques. He emphasized the importance of good behavior and attitude, especially during successful periods.

Lee Jong-beom, addressing South Korean reporters after the press conference, expressed confidence in his son's potential in Major League Baseball. He advised Jung-hoo to embrace the new environment fearlessly, drawing from his own experience playing in Japan. The senior Lee stressed the importance of resilience and maintaining a positive attitude, even in the face of failure.

With a long-term contract in place, Lee Jong-beom advised his son to focus on making adjustments during the first season, building relationships with teammates, and maintaining a sense of humor. These qualities, he believes, are crucial for a successful and enduring career in the major leagues.

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