Lee Sun-kyun Refutes Allegations of Intentional Drug Use

SEOUL — In recent developments, Lee Sun-kyun, known for his role in the film "Parasite," has reportedly denied intentionally taking drugs. This statement follows accusations that he consumed illegal substances.

According to Yonhap News Agency, Lee has contested the claim that he knowingly used drugs. The 48-year-old actor asserted during his testimony that he was misled about the substance given to him by a hostess at a Gangnam bar and claimed ignorance of its true nature.

The police have withheld comments on the ongoing case.

Lee was subjected to a second round of questioning on Saturday by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency's narcotic crimes investigation unit.

Post-inquiry, the actor conveyed to the press that he cooperated fully with the investigation, answering various questions posed during the three-hour session. He, however, did not provide specifics on the matters discussed.

Lee has been facing allegations of marijuana and other illegal drug use several times since the onset of the year.

In his initial interaction with law enforcement a week prior, Lee underwent a prompt reagent drug test, the results of which were negative. Following this, the police sent samples of Lee's hair to the National Forensic Service for a comprehensive analysis, which also returned negative findings.

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