LG Innotek and SAMSUNG SDS Post Notable Gains; SamyangFood and HyundaiElev Report Sharp Drops in KOSPI 200

Seoul, South Korea – The KOSPI 200 stock index reflected both gains and losses among key players in the Korean market. Companies like LG Innotek and SAMSUNG SDS experienced significant increases, whereas SamyangFood and HyundaiElev saw notable reductions in their stock prices.

According to a new release by Yonhap News Agency, 200 Closing Price List-1, LG Innotek rose by 5,500 points to close at 225,500. SAMSUNG SDS also gained 7,200 points, ending the trading day at 136,000. In contrast, SamyangFood saw a steep drop of 5,000 points to settle at 182,500, and HyundaiElev fell by 3,200 points to close at 43,500.

CJ CheilJedang and LOTTE CHEMICAL Corp were among other gainers, closing up by 2,500 and 1,500 points at 279,000 and 136,600 respectively. Meanwhile, Youngone Corp and CSWIND declined by 1,400 and 1,050 points, ending the trading session at 51,000 and 47,100.

FOOSUNG, with a gain of 200 points, closed at 9,780, while SK Innovation dropped by 400 points to close at 124,300. KBFinancialGroup and HANAFINANCIALGR experienced losses as well, declining by 800 and 600 points to 52,500 and 41,200 respectively.

HyundaiMipoDock and MIRAE ASSET SEC posted gains of 800 and 100 points to close at 72,200 and 6,550. On the flip side, HANWHA AEROSPACE and S-1 saw their stock prices fall by 2,000 and 1,100 points, closing at 97,600 and 55,000.

DWS and KEPCO experienced gains, rising by 1,300 and 270 points to end at 29,550 and 16,640. However, SamsungSecu and KOREA AEROSPACE declined by 250 and 500 points, closing at 35,600 and 47,550.

Stocks like ZINUS and KG DONGBU STL remained unchanged, closing at 19,010 and 6,910. Mobis and KUMHOTIRE experienced gains of 4,000 and 175 points, ending the trading session at 220,000 and 4,480.

The day's trading indicates a mixed performance across various sectors, reflecting both opportunities and challenges in the Korean financial markets.

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