LG Twins Optimistic About Upcoming Season Amid KBO Rule Changes

INCHEON – The LG Twins, recent champions of South Korean baseball, are entering the new season with confidence, bolstered by recent rule changes in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). Captain Oh Ji-hwan expressed a sense of responsibility and determination at Incheon International Airport, emphasizing the need for continuous effort and team synergy.

According to Yonhap News Agency, the Twins are well-positioned to defend their title, largely due to the KBO's adoption of rule changes similar to those in Major League Baseball (MLB). The prohibition of infield shifts mandates that four infielders maintain at least one foot in the infield dirt, with two on each side of the second base. This change is expected to benefit middle infielders like Oh and his double play partner Shin Min-jae, known for their defensive prowess. The outfield, comprising Park Hae-min and Hong Chang-ki, is also anticipated to excel under these new conditions.

Former Twins captain Kim Hyun-soo sees the shift ban as particularly advantageous for his batting style. As a left-handed batter who often pulls the ball, Kim anticipates a more relaxed approach at the plate, expecting fewer outs from well-hit balls. Park Hae-min, a renowned base stealer, also foresees benefits from another rule change: the enlargement of bases from 15 to 18 square inches, a modification that led to increased steals in MLB last year.

Kim and Park, veterans of the team, acknowledge the challenges of defending their title. They emphasize the necessity of maintaining humility and continuous improvement to succeed. Oh Ji-hwan, sharing a positive outlook, highlights the team's depth as a critical factor, especially in light of roster changes such as the departure of Go Woo-suk to the San Diego Padres and Ham Deok-ju's injury.

The LG Twins, aware of the heightened competition and expectations, are gearing up for a season where adaptability and team cohesion will be crucial in their quest to repeat as champions.

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